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About the Club

The K-W Flying Dutchmen is one of the older, more established RC flying clubs in Canada. It was formed in the 1940's and originally had its flying site at the old Lexington Road Airport before it moved to Breslau and the club moved to Kaufman Flats in Bridgeport just outside of Waterloo, Ontario. Several years ago we moved to our current location at the Waterloo Rod and Gun Club near St. Jacobs, Ontario where most summer mornings and evenings you will find members flying their favorite aircraft and, when not flying, discussing various aspects of the hobby.

The club meets once a month during the winter months to conduct the club business and listen to presentations from various guest speakers, experts and suppliers on some interesting facet of aviation, model or full size. Club members will also address the club from time to time to share some special building techniques, an interesting flying event they have attended, or the results of a recent competition in which they have participated in. Over the years a number of our members have become Canadian National champions in several flying categories. Some have competed in American and World competitions as well. Their experience is invaluable to anyone wishing to fly model aircraft competitively and they are happy to share that knowledge.

Visitors are more than welcome to attend these meetings.

From October to May we meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:00PM in the Banquet Hall at the Waterloo Rod and Gun Club. The informal "hangar talk" starts around 7:00 and we have a designated swap night as well. During the summer months we would rather fly than meet so, although the board of directors does have monthly meetings all year round, the rest of us pursue our passion at the flight line. Visitors are welcome. Come out and introduce yourself, and get a first hand look at this fascinating hobby.

About the Hobby

Building and flying radio-controlled aircraft is a great hobby, both exciting and rewarding. Your choices are many;
Gas engine or electric powered
Giant scale down to small lightweight indoor planes
Fast or slow flying
Aerobatic or sport flying, the list goes on.

Develop your skills to satisfy your needs, from basic flying to all out aerobatic performance.

If you enjoy building models this hobby offers an endless list of building projects. If you don’t enjoy building and want to get into the air right away you will appreciate ARF’s (Almost Ready to Fly) and RTF’s (Ready To Fly) aircraft.

The hobby is not as expensive as is commonly believed, especially when compared to other hobbies such as golf or rebuilding old cars. You can get setup with your first plane ready to go for less than $500. Come out to the club and talk it over with a few of the members who can guide you in making your first purchase a good one.


Basic flying
Pattern flying,
Aerobatic flying
Indoor flying